Monday, December 16, 2013

Limited Edition Giclee just for Christmas

Dear Friend,

Snow Falling on Katahdin
Limited Edition of 50, Signed  Giclee Print
Image size: 20 x 27"
Described as a "Show Stopper" in the exhibition and "the best winter painting I have seen" by David Little on NPR
As I write this, the foot of powdery snow that fell last night and this morning is being blown into drifts by the wind. It's been a real Maine winter day; a good one to spend in my cozy studio.
The photograph that I have included here is the most requested image of any I have created. The original painting was included in David Little's beautiful new book "Art of Katahdin", and in the exhibition "The Mountain Rises" at the University of New England Art Gallery.
To commemorate these lovely events, I had a limited edition giclee print produced by Hunter Editions of Kennebunk, Maine. These giclees are the highest technology in fine art reproduction available today, and they are exactly like the original.  They each come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Hunter Editions.
I have ten giclees still available. I've been framing them in an antique silver frame which is perfect for the colors and feeling of this image.
Just call me at 207-443-5045 or send me an email if you want to have one for your own collection, or as a gift for someone who loves the beauty of the outdoors. (Especially our mountain - Katahdin!) There's still time to have one for Christmas.
You may have the print shipped in a tube to be framed at your convenience, or I can frame it for you - just let me know.
Best Wishes,


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is This Art?
I created this myself.
Mounted and displayed it at my annual open house.
Is it art?

Whatever your answer - if you use Facebook, please do LIKE my business page and encourage your friends to do the same.

Wintery Thanks from Evelyn!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Home in My Cozy Watercolor Studio

The display racks have been folded up, painting tables are back in place, and I’m ready for my day in the studio. There’s a painting on the easel waiting to be finished and a lesson in progress for the class who comes tonight. The roads are icy so it’s a good day to be home in my cozy studio and I hope by tonight the driving will be alright.
Another Open Studio weekend has come and gone. It is always just the most enjoyable and rewarding time.  Old friends, people I see only once a year at this event, and others that I keep in touch with but see infrequently. When I say that that is what this event is all about, I truly mean it. By Sunday evening I am so encouraged and infused with a sense of well-being from all of the wonderful energy that each of you bring into my studio. As I told one exuberant friend who lavishes me with extravagant compliments “I believe every word you say”!  Well, I love it, but don’t we all know that the next day at work is a new beginning, and today I’ll be right back hoping to bring something of merit to this piece of paper. Of course, we bring all of our accumulated knowledge and experience as well, and yet – every painting, every short story, every novel or invention, every day at the office offers new opportunities along with new challenges. It’s good to be able to trust that there is hope that we’ll be able to do something worthwhile.

So I thank you all for your enthusiasm and kind words about my paintings. It means so much. And knowing some of them are now hanging in your homes is really a thrill for me.
One very great bit of news: as you know, each year at this Open Studio, I offer a 15% savings to everyone who buys an original painting if they bring a donation to the Food Bank. Each year we have collected a substantial number of bags of good quality food. This year, along with the food, we also took a cash donation of $200.00 thanks to your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Wishing you a good day wherever you are, and whatever you will be doing.


Friday, December 6, 2013

This is the weekend I so look forward to...

Annual Open Studio 
December 7, 10 - 4 
December 8, 1 -4
596 Foster Point Road
West Bath, ME 04530
My annual Open Studio has become a time that I look forward to with so much enjoyment; it's so nice to see old friends and also to meet lots of new people who are out and about enjoying a leisurely early shopping event. An artist's studio provides a quiet visit in a relaxed atmosphere, no crowds, no rush, a glass of cider, conversation, and possibly the discovery of that "perfect" gift  that is extra-special, for yourself, or someone you love. So please come, visit; I'll be looking forward to seeing you.

My warmest wishes,

A Winter Evening in Maine
Original watercolor

This painting was created for my Christmas card a couple of years ago. I was recently reminded of it, and thought that it really is a "timeless" image and worthy of being out in the world again.
Imagine it over your fireplace this winter; I can almost see another painting: warm firelight, comfy chairs, friend and family gathered - (it's almost too much to think of twinkling lights on a tree)!  and this painting watching over it all!   

Featuring a full size limited edition signed giclee print of this painting

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Open House; Artist Evelyn Dunphy

   Annual Open Studio 
December 7, 10 - 6  
December 8, 1 -6
(we've decided to stay open later so you'll have lots of time!)
contact me for details and directions

It was a surprise to wake up this morning to snow on the ground! It does put one "in the mood" for the season, though. I'll be thinking of you as I prepare for my annual December Open Studio; it's always such a treat for me to have you come to the studio.

As always, there are special surprises for those who bring food for the food bank, and that lucky one who has their name picked to win a giclee print. I want this weekend to be a celebration of enjoying good company, anticipating the holidays and perhaps taking home a piece of art which will enhance your home for years to come.  

My warmest wishes,

Gardenscape, Peonies
original watercolor
Some of us love snowy winters, and some of us just long for the first signs of spring that means summer is on the way. Peonies bloom in our garden about the third week of June. I picked these and put the pitcher on the stone wall thinking I would take them indoors to paint. When I saw how the sun lit them from the back, turning the white petals to blue, I knew this was the place to work. 

Featuring a full size limited edition signed giclee print of this painting
 described as "a show-stopper" in the exhibition "The Mountain Rises"
(there are 2"Artist's Proof" prints still available)

                            Snow Falling on Katahdin
This image is a very special one for me.  It's a "memory painting"; as I describe paintings that I do in the studio from memories of places that are dear to me.

This painting is included in David Little's beautiful book "Art of Katahdin" and was exhibited in the University of New England's show "The Mountain Rises".

Please send an email to to order a print in plenty of time for Christmas. 
Helping our Neighbors

Everyone who brings a donation of non-perishable items for the Food Bank will be given a certificate for a percentage off of any purchase of an original painting, or Giclée print. We've offered this every year, and the generous response has resulted a large number of boxes of food. So do remember your donation, and find a special gift for yourself as well.